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China Metallurgical Geology Bureau(CMGB) established by the state in 1952. It is a public welfare state-owned enterprise with the responsibility of improving the resource guarantee ability. It is mainly engaged in the geological exploration, research, development and service of solid minerals, production of super-hard materials and manufacturing of mechanical equipment. The total assets are more than 23 billion RMB. It operates, manages and supervises state assets according to related laws, and shoulders the corresponding responsibility of maintaining and increasing the value of state assets.

CMGB has 11 bureaus (centers) and 6 holding companies, branches are located in 20 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government.

Our purpose and business scope: provide management guarantee for national metallurgical geological work; solid mineral geological exploration, research, development and service; super-hard material production and mechanical equipment development; metallurgical geological exploration development planning and rules and regulations formulation; metallurgical geological industry standard research; metallurgical geological exploration business management; relevant geological exploration organization and implementation; foreign important geological and mineral exploration; related research on prospecting theory and exploration technology, providing technical services.

Since its establishment,CMGB adheres to the nature of providing resources guarantee for national economic and social development, providing high-quality professional services and public goods as a public welfare state-owned enterprise. It has carried out basic geological survey, resource potential evaluation, prospecting and exploration of ferrous metals, colored metals, precious metals and other mineral resources in 17 key metallogenic belts, including Sanjiang metallogenic belt and Gangdise metallogenic belt in Southwest China Work: we have carried out solid national basic geological work, and completed a total of 1.661 million square kilometers of regional geological survey and mineral resources survey, covering 17.3% of China's land area, providing basic support for China's economic and social development, especially in the border and plateau areas.

In the past 70 years, CMGB has submitted a large number of mineral resources for the national economic construction, and found a number of large-scale mineral resources such as Anshan Benxi Iron Mine, Jidong and Hanxing iron mine, Edong copper gold mine, Luzhong iron mine, Jiaodong gold mine, Bayan Obo rare earth mine, etc., which have made great historical contributions for the national economic and social development of our country, especially for our country to become a big iron and steel country. It has successively won many national honors, such as the central state-owned enterprise "management progress Enterprise Award", the national geological exploration meritorious enterprise, the advanced collective of geological exploration industry, the top ten geological prospecting achievements (scientific and technological progress) award, the special contribution award of crisis mine replacement resource exploration, the key high-tech enterprises of the national torch plan, the Li Siguang Geological Science Award, the Labor Medal and so on. At the same time, we have conscientiously implemented the "going out" strategy and made remarkable achievements in overseas geological exploration.

Looking forward to the future, CMGB will continue to take "providing resource guarantee and realizing industry serving the country" as its own duty, and build "first-class green resource and environment service provider" as its goal, make full use of its advantages and make great efforts to make new and greater contributions to easing national resource constraints! 

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