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Social responsibility


China Metalliurgical Geology Bureau focuses on coordinated development, resource guarantee, innovative & green & secure development, political leadership, compliance management, communication & cooperation, employee & shared development. These are our social responsibilities.

Great importance should be attached to social responsibility. We should actively fulfill social responsibility, integrate its concepts and actions into the development strategy of the enterprise in an effort to achieve sustainable development.

Our present work is closely around the strategic goal of building a “first-class green resource and environment service provider”. With a view to improving the development quality and core competitiveness, providing resource guarantee, expanding the field of ecological geological service, and promoting the transformation and upgrading of geological work.

We will thoroughly implement the innovation driven development strategy. We will vigorously promote the upgrading of the scientific and technological system, give full play to the role of scientific and technological innovation in supporting and guiding industrial development, so as to fully stimulate the creative enthusiasm of all scientific and technological personnel and create a good environment for scientific and technological innovation.

Firmly establishing the Outlook of Green Development. We should Actively promote industrial restructuring, transformation and upgrading, and vigorously develop green and environmental strategic emerging industries. Striving to build a “resource-saving and environment-friendly” enterprise.

We are committed to honest operation. The compliance management system has been built from horizontal to side and from vertical to the bottom, and the ideas, methods and results of the administration in governance and operation have been communicated openly and transparently to stakeholders.

We will strive to build a state-owned enterprise under the rule of law that is well governed, compliant in operation, standardized in management, law-abiding and honest.

Adhere to people-oriented principle. Always regard protecting the rights, interests and happiness of employees and the growth of assistant employees as the major social responsibility. We are committed to the common development of enterprises and employees.

Adhering to the concept of shared development. While paying attention to the development of enterprises, it has fulfilled its responsibilities as one of the central government owned enterprises, actively contributed to the society and supported the local economic and social development with practical actions.

We undertaken targeted poverty alleviation, contributed to public welfare and philanthropy, and achieved common progress and shared development of enterprises and society.

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